Let the Reno Process Begin!

The First Step

Phelps Renovations is an experienced company who understands that feeling comfortable during each step of your project is just as important as the end result. We start by asking you for your renovation wish list and help you understand how we can transform your dream into a reality.

First things first

Most people prefer to get things started by filling out our Renovation Inquiry form.  This form allows you to.... and gives you the option of being contacted by either phone or email.

Over The Phone We Will:

  • Discuss your renovation needs and wish list
  • Explain our Project Development Process
  • Answer any questions you may have about our company, or your renovation

At this point, if both parties are comfortable and feel that there is a "good fit", we will set up an appointment for a Phelps Renovations expert to visit your home. To ensure a smooth process, both spouses should be present at this time.

At Our First Meeting We Will:

  • Discuss your renovation needs in greater detail
  • Show you similar projects that we have completed
  • Show samples of plans and specifications of similar plans
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the budget
  • Discuss a realistic deadline

Once all of these details are covered, and both parties wish to proceed, a Project Development Agreement will be signed and we can move onto the next step.

A nominal fee/deposit would be required at this time. This amount varies and is determined by the size of the renovation. For example, a one time cost would apply for a smaller interior renovation, and for a larger job, such as an addition, the fee would be divided into two instalments. These fees will be applied as a deposit if you choose to proceed with the construction.

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