Kitchen Renovations

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

Why is it then, that so many kitchens are constructed so inefficiently for those who want to use them? 
Let Shultis Renovations design a kitchen layout that will make it easier for you to not only to prepare meals, but to entertain guests as well.

A kitchen should be designed to work the way you use it - the optimal layout is when the sink, stove, and refrigerator are in a classic triangle.

We often hear from clients that they want a kitchen with more space, more storage, more counters, and an overall open concept perfect for entertaining.  Remodeling your kitchen can make all of this happen. 
Shultis Renovations can reconfigure any existing layout into a more open and usable space.

It's easier and more affordable than you might think to remodel your old kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you are interested in a major kitchen remodel that involves removing a wall or building out, or a minor one that is largely cosmetic, Shultis Renovations can help you fashion the modern, well-designed kitchen you want.  Our team can make the most of the space you have or add to it in creative ways you may not have thought of.

A kitchen redesign will:

  • add resale value to your home
  • allow for a more efficient use of your space
  • give your home a fresh overall feel
  • provide better flow with the rest of your house, and/or outdoor living area

A kitchen renovation can include:

  • updating your cabinetry (new or refinished)
  • new countertops (granite, quartz, marble, stainless steel, laminate, etc)
  • tile back splash
  • addition of an island or breakfast bar for eating and food preparation
  • addition of more storage space (pantry, lazy susans, replacing cupboards with pot drawers, etc)
  • new lighting (natural lighting supplemented by adding pot lights, under cabinet, pendant lights, etc.)
  • new windows
  • new flooring (tile, hardwood, cork, etc)
  • new appliances
  • fresh coat of paint
  • crown moulding and other trim
  • new cabinet hardware
  • new sink and faucet
  • choosing sustainable materials can make your home more energy-efficient and environment-friendly
  • the list is endless...

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