Ramping Up for the Reno

The Pre-Renovation

Project Development

Now that we have your wish list, we can go forward and develop the conceptual drawings and do the costing for the various treatments (e.g. flooring, lighting, etc.). We will also develop a feasibility study, confirm the budget, and provide a preliminary scope of work based on our site investigation and concept drawings.

We will then discuss the plans and selections with you in order to fine-tune and correct any of these elements.

In the second phase we will concentrate more on specific details and prepare working drawings and specifications according to our discussions, as well as your objectives. We will present you with product selections and, if requested, offer suggestions for upgrades, or additional features to enhance your project.

We want you to be confident and happy with your choices and understand how they will blend with the rest of your home.

At this point you should have no unanswered questions and know exactly how much your project will cost.

We will complete our agreement and the fee(s) for the Project Development will be applied to the deposit.


Many things have to happen behind the scenes before we can begin your job (e.g. materials must be ordered, the different trades must be set up, etc.). We will take care of all the details and obtain all of the necessary permits for your job.

Communication is the most important component of a successful renovation and we like to make sure that the lines of communication are open at all levels. We will keep you informed on our progress and you can also call us throughout this lead up time.

Before we begin construction in your home, we do the following:

Setting up with the Trades

In order to utilize our time wisely, and avoid downtime, our team will be lined up with specific dates throughout your renovation.

Ordering Materials

We will go over all of the selections with you to ensure that everything is correct since we must order our materials in advance.

Pre-Construction Meeting

During this meeting we will:

  • introduce you to the project manager and lead hand for your renovation
  • review your job
  • review the projected schedule in detail
  • establish how we will communicate (e.g. - daily via notes on clipboard, weekly via email, formal meetings, etc.)
  • go into the specific details of your renovation so that you will know what to expect

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