Our Quality Work Guarantee

        The Shultis Renovations Quality Work Guarantee

Our Promise to You

A home renovation is a big decision for any homeowner.
It requires time and money both of which are often in short supply.

Shultis Renovations is here to deliver a new home renovation experience.
One that works to save you time and money while delivering a quality home renovation
that meets your highest standards.

Our renovation warranty guarantees you will be satisfied with our work,
or we’ll keep working until we get it right.  
We are looking for lifelong customers.

We at Shultis Renovations strongly believe in the quality of our work. 
We are so confident in our work that we offer a one-year renovation warranty
on repairs, renovations, or other remodeling projects that we have completed for you.

We will make all efforts to have any defect covered by this Warranty corrected within a
reasonable period of time.  No more waiting months to have the contractor back to fix it!

For more information, ask us!

**This warranty only applies to labor charges only,
and not materials themselves, which often have a warranty of their own.
That being said, Shultis Renovations will work within your financial constraints whenever possible.